Coincidence or Plagiarism?

Here are illustrative examples of striking similarities between logos and names of firms, located in different parts of the world. With an exception of one case, I don’t know for sure, whether there have been plagiarizing designers or just a pure coincidence has taken place.

There is a telecommunications company Nursat (Kazakhstan), but another telecommunications company has basically the same name – Noorsat (Jordan).

Telecommunications company Nursat's logo (Kazakhstan).

Jordan's telecommunications company Noorsat's logo.

Up to the summer of 2009, a large network of supermarkets in Kazakhstan was named Gros. Surprisingly, there is another network of supermarkets in Italy with the same name – Gros (Gruppo Romano Supermercati).

Хабар (News), a Kazakh television channel, has the logo, which bears a resemblance to the logo of Telecom Italia or vice versa.

Logo of Хабар (News), a Kazakh television channel.

Telecom Italia's logo.

Дала мен Қала (The World and the City), a Kazakh newspaper, has the logo, which unmistakably resembles the logo of USA Today.

Logo of Дала мен Қала (The World and the City), a Kazakh newspaper.

USA Today's logo.

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