No Budget for Spelling and Style

Windows Vista Home Premium in Kazakh is notorious for its spelling mistakes and loose style. Although it was created under the aegis of a multi-billion corporation, they apparently practiced too much frugality on basic spellcheck and competent editors. Native Kazakh speakers would raise their eyebrows, learning how their mother tongue is strangely distorted by software nerds. «Control Panel» is especially ill-fated in the Kazakh version. True, it was translated correctly as «Басқару тақтасы» (Basqaru taqtasy). But, in the toolbar of «My Computer» it is misspelled as «Басқыру тақтасы» (Basqyru taqtasy). Also, in the sidebar of «Control Panel» itself, the term is altered significantly as «Бақылау тақтасы» (Baqylau taqtasy).


Windows Vista Home Premium.

The Kazakh Vista’s style is also disappointing. For example, «restart» was ineptly translated into Kazakh as «қайта қотару» (qaita qotaru), which literally means «to pour a liquid from one container to another once again». Besides, the «қотару» (qotaru) word is rarely used by Kazakhs, unlike «restart», which is frequently used by English-speaking people. To my mind, they should have translated it as «қайта қосу» (qaita qosu), which literally means «to turn on again». Some terms are archaic or even non-existent. For instance, «Settings» was translated as «Теңшелім» (Tenshelim), which is not to be found in Kazakh usage. By the way, in contrast to Microsoft Corporation, Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox has rather decent Kazakh interface.

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