Gramophone’s Adventures


In some movies, gramophones have become a symbol of the cultural enlightment. Convincing scenes of indigenious people, listening to unheard-of devices brought by “white devils”, embody both cultural and technical progress.

Perhaps, legendary documentary Nanook of the North (directed and produced by Robert J. Flaherty, 1922) heralded this trend in motion pictures. Then, Soviet adventure comedy Chief Chukotky («Начальник Чукотки», directed by Vitali Melnikov, produced by Lenfilm Studios, 1966) was one of the brilliant films to continue such touching depiction of contacts between different civilizations. In contrast to the aforementioned movies, another masterpiece – Out of Africa (directed by Sydney Pollack, produced by Universal Studios, 1985) – vividly demonstrated the influence of music industry on inhabitants of hot climate zone.

Now, history has taken us into the next level. We are capable to send our intellectual products to extra-terrestrial worlds. Who would curiously listen, read and watch these messages? How to portray such unique interaction in arts?

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