Maintaining Iron Curtain

After the end of the Cold War, interaction between the former enemies have intensified considerably. Millions of people move freely across previously heavily guarded borders. But, some anachronisms still persist. For example, despite official openness, western countries, as a rule, reluctantly grant visas to citizens of the former Soviet bloc. The isolationist policy, which hails back to the infamous Churchill’s speech in Fulton, remains a priority for some hawks in the Western establishment. Numerous proposals by the former socialist countries to remove ridiculous barriers against the free travel and business trips have been systematically ignored by their counterparts in EU and NATO. Natural aspirations to socialize with foreign colleagues, friends, and partners have been obstructed by high-ranking officials in Bruxelles and other centers of power.


Of course, those restrictions have been imposed not without reason. Illegal migrants, drug dealers, and extremists often have hit the streets of the West. However, one black sheep must not be a pretext for a wider discrimination. Incidentally, citizens of certain South American nations, notorious for their criminals, can visit Western countries without a visa. We also can impose restrictions on foreign visitors, citing London and Harlem’s hoodlums, Sicilian mafiosi, Japanese yakudzas, etc. Our governments ought to follow a pattern, set by their western counterparts, which interrogate us about our real estate, bank accounts, relatives, etc. On the contrary, when a citizen of the so-called “free world” visits our countries, he usually needs just a passport to get a visa or, sometimes, he can visit our countries even without a visa.



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