Fire and Sun


These are literally hot symbols of dynamic development, life-giving force. No wonder that moviemakers around the world have often alluded to the fiery examples. Sometimes, they have employed strikingly similar imagery of the phenomenon. Thus, solar myths, Greek fire god Prometheus, Zoroastrian creed, eternal flames of war memorials, and other manifestations of the mankind’s reverence for the source of warmth is marching on in films.

For instance, famous Soviet eastern «Неуловимые мстители» (The Elusive Avengers, directed by Edmond Keosayan, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1966) has an iconic scene at its end, when protagonists ride horses with the Sun in their background. Basically the same scene can be seen at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Paramount Pictures, 1989). Legendary documentary series The World at War (created by Jeremy Isaacs, produced by Thames Telivision, 1973) is also notable for its stylish credits with a fire in the background. Famous Soviet TV mini-series «Цыган» (Gipsy, directed by Alexander Blank, produced by Odessa Film Studios, 1979) contains such scene too.

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