Violent Women


The Soviet Union was a pioneer in the emancipation of women. It was one of the first countries to grant women a right to vote. Thousands of the Red Army soldiers sacrificed their lives to free women of the Central Asia and Caucasus from the centuries-long oppression by Muslim fanatics. The first female ambassador in modern times was Alexandra Kollontai, who was appointed to represent interests of the USSR in Norway, 1923. The first woman in space was Valentina Tereshkova, who conducted her mission in 1963. No wonder that Soviet movies often portrayed strong-willed female characters. Sometimes, they even used force against men. However, for the majority of cases, it was made as a joke.

Here are several examples of such behaviour. In a rural comedy «Шабандоз қыз» (The Girl-Stuntrider, directed by Pavel Bogolyubov, produced by Kazakhfilm Studios, 1955), a horse-riding girl, participating in a Kazakh folk game «Қыз қуу» (Chase the Girl), whips without any harm meant a horse-riding guy, who has failed to run down her. In a television drama «Не стреляйте в белых лебедей» (Do not Shoot at White Swans, directed by Rodion Nakhapetov, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1980), a single-hearted forester is given a beating by his wife, who has been dissatisfied with his unpractical ways. In the 13th episode of a historical television series «Огненные дороги» (Fiery Roads, directed by Shukhrat Abbasov, produced by Uzbekfilm Studios, 1977 – 1984), an actress of the roadshow straddles a fellow actor during rehearsals.

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