Gorgeous Rears


The beauty of a female body has inspired creative people for millenia. It is natural that film directors of many nations have exploited this topic, too. One of the favorite objects their adoration is the back part of a female body, situated below the waist.

In a French-Italian philosophical comedy Le Diable et les Dix Commandements (The Devil and the Ten Commandments, directed by Julien Devivier, produced by Filmsonor, Mondex Films, Procinex, Incei Films, 1962), the wife of a playwright shows off her goodies as she takes a bath. A hard-boiled US detective The French Connection (directed by William Friedkin, produced by 20th Century Fox, 1971) also contains a scene, where a woman graciously turns her back towards the audience. A Soviet-French adventure comedy «Паспорт» (The Passport, directed by Georgiy Daneliya, produced by Passeport Production and Mosfilm Studios, 1990) has an exciting moment, when a young lady exposes her lurid charms before an astonished priest.

Such piquant action add zest to any movie. It is a plesure to marvel once again at the irresistible attraction of female body.

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