Vicious Dogs

Movies throughout the world have had numerous scenes, where vicious dogs attack human beings. In fact, the dogs themselves are only puppets in the hands of their masters of superior intellect. The excerpts, cited in this article, have been taken from the very different kinds of feature films.

A war epic «Судьба человека» (Fate of a Man, directed by Sergey Bondarchuk, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1959), based on a Mikhail Sholokhov’s masterpiece of the same title, tells the harrowing story of a Soviet soldier, who was a prisoner in a Nazi’s concentration camp and lost his family in the WWII. A horror classic The Omen (directed by Richard Donner, produced by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 1976) gloomily narrates about an ill-fated US Ambassador’s family, persecuted by supernatural forces. A wonderful fantasy movie Clash of the Titans (directed by Desmond Davis, produced by MGM, 1981), based on the Greek myths, depicts amazing world filled with almighty gods and feeble mortals, brave heroes and despicable villains.

These movies of various genres have one thing in common: vicious dogs torment human beings there. The Soviet POW, whose escape has failed, is relentlessly bitten by Alsatians. The US Ambassador and his friend have narrowly escaped devilish dogs on an ancient Roman cemetery. Perseus and his comrades are under attack of an unusually large two-headed dog, guarding the lair of Medusa.

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