Peculiarities of Western Justice

We have been accustomed to activities of Western governments and organizations, purportedly aimed to protect human rights worldwide. But, they definitely forget sometimes about the beams in their own eyes. For example, there are numerous cases, when citizens of Kazakhstan and Central Asia are treated unjustly by seemingly democratic countries. On April 23, 2011 a US policeman Stephen Rankin brutally murdered a Kazakh migrant Kirill Denyakin, whom he mistook for a Latino migrant. Yes, poor Kirill was drunken and banged loudly a glass door (, but it is not a valid excuse for the monster cop who fired 11 bullets into the Kazakh! On June 6, 2004 Steffen Laas, German consul to Kazakhstan, killed a Kazakh woman Turakhan Okasova in a car accident, while driving under the influence (in Russian: Several other people were seriously injured. However, these criminals weren’t punished at all. The policeman was acquitted by the jury. He wasn’t fired from the police either. The diplomat was just demoted to a post in the German embassy to Kyrgyzstan. No compensation paid, no apologies made.

Steffen Laas is too busy to face the consequences

Now, imagine for a moment the different set of characters. If the policeman had killed a dog of a US citizen, he could have faced a certain punishment for the violence against domestic animals. Animal rights’ groups must have conducted a wide campaign against the perpetrator. American media would have aired heart-breaking stories about the beloved pet. If a Kazakh diplomat had killed a German woman in a car accident and the Kazakh foreign office demoted him to a post in the Kazakh embassy to Austria, the German establishment would have criticized severely the corrupted Kazakhs. Angry German journalists must have published fiery pamphlets against the authoritarian Kazakh regime. But, the major news outlets of the USA and Germany have passed in silence over the murderous activities of their officials. The deaths of the innocent Kazakhs are insufficient to make headlines. Human rights’ groups are reluctant to protect them too. By the way, you may visit – a page of a diplomat turned murderer. Steffen Laas is not imprisoned yet.


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