Energy Disasters in Soviet Movies

Dramatic events, which disrupt operation of energy industry, can render spectacular scenes for movies. Imagine the fiery explosion of an oil rig! How it can visually impress the audience. Yes, it endangers human lives and brings about a considerable damage in terms of money, but the emergency looks so beautiful on the silver screen. There have been numerous instances, when filmmakers exploited this subject.

Soviet drama about Ukrainian coal miners A Great Life, Part II («Большая жизнь», directed by Leonid Lukov, produced by Kiev Film Studios, 1946, released in 1958) contains a scene of disastrous sabotage, which results in the explosion of a coal mine. This tragic event unites working people furthermore. Soviet widescreen Western Armed and Dangerous: Time and Heroes of Bret Harte («Вооружен и очень опасен», directed by Vladimir Vajnshtok, produced by Gorky Film Studios, 1977) culminates with oil rigs’ explosions, which ruin certain profiteers. Magnificent Soviet production Siberiade («Сибириада», directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1978) tells about a long-term search for oil in Siberia. The search turns out to be successful, but a protagonist dies in an oil well’s fiery blow-out.

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