Cake in Face

It is rather a common prank, employed in comedy movies, when someone’s face gets smashed by a sweet food product. Although, this seems like another instance of horseplay, the audience around the world still laugh heartily at it. As for myself, I consider a cake-in-face technique as a down-to-earth one, not subtle way to convey one’s artistic agenda. But, since its widespread popularity, it deserves my closer attention as a researcher of cinema history.

Hilarious children’s classic – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (directed by Norman Taurog, produced by United Artists, 1938) – contains a scene, where a constant nuisance Sid gets, what he has deserved: a cake in the face, smashed by Tom. The Great Race (directed by Blake Edwards, produced by Warner Bros., 1965) – a masterpiece of adventure movies – has, among other wonderful action, a monumentally funny moment when an antagonist has been involuntarily shoved off into a giant cake. Well, he evens the score by throwing a smaller cake in the face of the «culprit». Soviet criminal drama Gang Rule («Беспредел», directed by Igor Gostev, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1989), which portrays dismal realities of a prison, contains a scene where a rugged thief smashes the piece of homemade cake in the face of a newly-imprisoned inmate, who has naively tried to be on friendly terms with the thief.

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