Kim Jong Un Versus «Gangnam Style»

Any author and producer knows, how difficult to promote one’s song, film, or book. When creative quest has ended and the product of your intellectual endeavors is made, the most difficult part of your enterprise just begins. Now, you have to advertise your brainchild. It is a real challenge to persuade the general public that your composition, textbook, or cartoon is worthy of their attention, their time, and money. «Gangnam Style», which has been turned into a household name globally, doesn’t possess unique features. Thousands of such video clips have been churned out routinely throughout the world. But, its exceptional success in terms of pop culture has been based on two ingredients: heavy advertising and politically motivated targeting. Well, it is an open secret that clips, promoted by Youtube, easily receive millions of views. But, what about political subtleties of «Gangnam Style»’s craze?

Kim Jong Un and his military entourage.
Kim Jong Un and his military entourage.

It is an old method of propaganda to subvert an enemy with the help of flashy ideas, whose deceptive attractiveness has been intended to supplant deep ideas, which are difficult to grasp. For example, a K-pop single «Gangnam Style» by the South Korean musician PSY seems to be a vain alternative to the bold policy, exerted by Kim Jong Un — the young leader of North Korea. On the face of it, luxurious surroundings of the K-pop single look much more preferable to strict, military-like existence of North Korea. Metrosexual characters from «Gangnam Style» show off their gaudy way of living, seemingly outshining everyday life of workers and peasants from North Korea. But, in reality the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is one of the few truly independent countries in the world, meanwhile the Republic of Korea is just another US satellite. True, the neon lights of Seoul create an illusion of prosperity, but this is the prosperity of a watchdog. Pyonyang, with its atomic bombs and ballistic missiles, is the bulwark of human rights, preventing banksters and imperialists to set up the global concentration camp, where the world government would decide, what we have to do.

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