Destructive Frenzy

Strong personalities sometimes have fits of desperation, when they are inclined to do crazy things. For example, these personalities start to destroy furniture, tear their clothes to pieces, etc. All these have been done to give vent to their overpowering emotions. Consequently, film studios have been eager to cash in on these widely known passions.

Lavishly staged peplum masterpiece Cleopatra (directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, produced by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 1963) contains a scene, where its royal heroine of the same name wreaks a havoc to her wardrobe due to stressful circumstances of her private life. Female pop diva in A Star is Born (directed by Frank Pierson, produced by Barwood Films, 1976) smashes to bits flower pots and bottles, because she is tormented by jealousy. Nizami, great Azeri poet of the middle ages, in a biopic of the same name («Низами», directed by Eldar Kuliyev, produced by Azerbaijanfilm and Mosfilm Studios, 1982) smashes pottery to bits and throws about books, since he is upset by his narrow-minded contemporaries.

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