Ritual Murder in Boston

This tragedy has caused grief and sorrow around the world. Innocent people died and wounded. Their only fault was to be spectators and participants of a noble athletic event – the Boston Marathon. It wasn’t a sinful homosexual pageant, where unnatural proclivities are glorified. It wasn’t an advertising show, promoting harmful alcohol and tobacco. Murderers targeted one of the most useful, peaceful, and wonderful actions – the Boston Marathon. They perpetrated a crime against humanity, a ritual murder. Like followers of a dark cult, who slaughter helpless babies in the name of their mythological beasts, the Boston murderers made a firm decision to kill ordinary people. It is a rather symbolical crime. Why? Because, real terrorists would have bombed a police station or assassinated a high-ranking official, or sabotaged a power plant. In a word, the terrorists usually take an aim at important persons, crucial institutions, or industrial buildings. Such actions might even boost their image among ordinary people as modern-day Robin Hoods.

It seems that the Boston Bombing has been just another handy pretext to tighten up the already overregulated homeland security. Cancellation of flights in the Boston area or shutdown of cell services shortly after the explosions definitely violated human rights. I don’t think that such police-state measures will help to track down the criminals or prevent another terror attacks. But, simpletons would be fooled into believing that additional allocations for law-enforcement bodies would dramatically improve their performance. I am not sure that US authorities actually carried out this atrocity. But, in every respect it has been a profitable event for G-men: new budget appropriations, more rights, less responsibilities. They are not simply greedy and corrupted free riders: their basic needs were satisfied long time ago. No, they are worshippers of the Police State – the ultimate incarnation of the alienation. To their perverted mind, it is natural to sacrifice some human resources on the altar of the ruthless deity of power, money, and lust.


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