How to Hijack an Ambulance


Such a peaceful vehicle as an ambulance is hardly a legitimate target for wrongdoing. But, despite this obvious fact certain movies have vividly shown to us that this is not the point and, under some conditions, an ambulance is a vehicle of choice for smart guys. Let’s review few examples of ambulances being hijacked.

Soviet naval sci-fi epic «Тайна двух океанов» (The Secret of Two Oceans, directed by Konstantine Pipinashvili, produced by Kartuli Pilmi Studios, 1955) contains a scene, where a foreign spy has effectively deceived Soviet counter-intelligence officers by pretending to be unconscious and, then, hijacking an ambulance to run away. US thriller The Silence of the Lambs (directed by Jonathan Demme, produced by Orion Pictures, 1991) chillingly shows, how a serial killer, disguised as an unconscious policeman, has outwitted his pursuers to hijack an ambulance after having its crew killed. US action movie The Fugitive (directed by Andrew Davis, produced by Warner Bros. Studios, 1993) portrays a surgeon on the run, who has made a getaway in an ambulance.

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