Russian Roulette Shot by Film Directors

Very intense experience of Russian roulette has attracted adventurous people for its highest possible risk. There is hardly more dangerous activity than playing with one’s life in such a careless way. Once again, moviemakers have been up and ready to make the best use of this blood-curdling entertainment. Let’s mention few examples of Russian roulette on the silver screen.

War drama film The Deer Hunter (directed by Michael Cimino, produced by EMI Films and Universal Pictures, 1978) contains a scene, where two US invaders in Vietnam play Russian roulette in front of the natives. Soviet-Swiss production «Бархатный сезон» (Velvet Season, directed by Vladimir Pavlovich, produced by Mosfilm Studios and ProDis Film AG, 1978) has been set at the time of the Spanish Civil War, 1938, where a criminal threatens a hostage with a gun, while it is unknown to the hostage whether the gun is loaded or not. Russian-French production «Утомлённые солнцем» (Burnt by the Sun, directed by Nikita Mikhalkov,  produced by Trité and Camera One, 1994) shows a KGB officer, contemplating suicide through playing Russian roulette. This time, he stays alive.

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