Only Heads Stick Out…

Certain movies have been notable for scenes, where only heads of players stick out while their bodies are buried. These kinds of dramatic and often tragic moments have been used to emphasize the frailty of human life, its defenseless against an oppressive state machine. It is one of the best ways to vividly show all the difficultness of the struggle for human rights. Let’s review some examples from excellent films from the past.

Legendary Soviet action movie White Sun of the Desert («Белое солнце пустыни», directed by Vladimir Motyl, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1970), set in a Central Asian desert during the Russian Civil War, contains a scene where a Red Army officer saves a native buried in the sand. Infamous peplum porn epic Caligula (directed by Tinto Brass, produced by Penthouse, 1979), depicting cruelty and debauchery of the Roman Empire, has a horrible scene where a machine with huge blades cuts off heads of convicts buried in the soil. Soviet allegorical drama Repentance (მონანიება, Monanieba, directed by Tengiz Abuladze, produced by Kartuli Pilmi Studios, 1984), set in the Soviet Georgia before the WWII, has a villainous character resembling both Adolph Hitler and a spymaster Lavrenty Beria, who persecutes an innocent creative couple. In a nightmare, the couple desperately tries to hide themselves by burying in the soil.

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