The Wind Blows Dangerously

Some fairy tales have vicious characters, which are capable to do harm with gale-strength winds. Evil magicians relish their ability to wreak havoc on ordinary people. Stormy tricks of the magicians have been shot magnificently by gifted moviemakers of different epochs. Let’s review a few examples of this kind of special effects.

Amazing fantasy film Ilya Muromets («Илья Муромец», directed by Alexander Ptushko, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1956) is a spectacular story about the Russian legendary hero of the same name. It contains a scene, where the hero for the sake of showmanship has made Nightingale the Robber to perform his destructive whistle before a czar and his entourage. Humorous fairy tale New Adventures of Puss in Boots («Новые похождения Кота в сапогах», directed by Alexander Rowe, produced by Gorky Film Studios, 1958) has an old witch, who has brought a hurricane upon a lively royal gathering where she was not invited. Joint Norwegian-Soviet-Swedish production Mio in the Land of Faraway («Мио, мой Мио», directed by Vladimir Grammatikov, produced by Gorky Film Studios, Filmhuset AS, and Svenska Filminstitutet, 1987) has a wicked magician Kato, who has tried to fight a brave boy with his stormy charms.

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