Love for Pigeons

Some photoplays, shot in the eighties, dedicated to pigeon owners whose passion for their birds have become an important element of the storyline. Various moviemakers artfully used this touching hobby as a background, against which certain developments take place. Let us review a few instances of avian pictures.

Drama film Birdy (directed by Alan Parker, produced by TriStar Pictures, 1984) tells a story of the young man strangely fixated with birds. Post-Vietnam syndrome leads him to madness. Soviet comedy Love and Pigeons («Любовь и голуби», directed by Vladimir Menshov, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1985) shows us a kind-hearted man, whose care for his birds has caused quarrels within his family. Soviet drama movie The Stray White and the Speckled («Чужая белая и рябой», directed by Sergei Solovyov, produced by Kazakhfilm Studios and Mosfilm Studios, 1986) portrays colorful characters of the Gulag era. Their passion for pigeons has brought both joy and grievances.

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