Cocaine Party Goes Wrong

Drug addiction has been another popular topic in Western movies. Apart from grave trafficking undertones, the subject has been often used in a humorous way. For example, general audience finds it funny to watch, how inept characters have inadvertently ruined expensive cocaine dose. Let us review some instances of such waste.

Romantic comedy Annie Hall (directed by Woody Allen, produced by United Artists, 1977) contains a scene, where the comedian protagonist has scattered a cocaine trove worth about $2,000 with an accidental sneeze. Adventure comedy “Crocodile” Dundee (directed by Peter Faiman, produced by Rimfire Films, 1986) has a scene, where a weathered bushman unintentionally spoils forbidden pleasures of a cocaine sniffer, whom Dundee has mistaken for a man with blocked nose. Crime film Lord of War (directed by Andrew Niccol, produced by Entertainment Manufacturing Company, Ascendant Pictures and Saturn Films, 2005) shows an illegal arms dealer, who has furiously destroyed a precious cocaine dose of his brother, which resembled map contours of their homeland, Ukraine.

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