When Engine Drivers Fail

Many photo-plays feature railway or subway trains in their storyline. The powerful machines have served nicely as a dynamic addition to action-packed movies. But, the technical wonders would have been just a heap of metal, if there had not been people who operate them. Sometimes, events take a tragic turn in this field of transportation depicted by films. Let us examine several examples of dramatic collisions in transit.

Crime thriller The French Connection (directed by William Friedkin, produced by 20th Century Fox, 1971) has a scene, where a motorman of an elevated train has passed out after he was held at gunpoint by a criminal. Soviet catastrophe movie Train Without a Timetable («Поезд вне расписания», directed by Alexander Grishin, produced by Odessa Film Studios, 1971) shows an engine driver, who has had a heart attack. As a result, the train goes out of control. Survival-thriller film Runaway Train (directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, produced by Northbrook Films and Golan-Globus Productions, 1986) depicts two fugitives, who have secretly boarded a train, but its engineer suffers a heart attack. So, the uncontrollable journey ensues…

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