Russian Motorists Mock German Automakers

Nowadays, war hysteria in Russia has reached its peak.  The brain-washed majority of the Russian population express their aggressive attitudes towards foreign countries in different ways. For example, many motorists have placed stickers with ambiguous slogans on their cars. Paying respect to Soviet atrocities during WWII, they often decorate their automobiles with a slogan “На Берлин!”, which literally means Toward Berlin! 

A Mercedes Benz with an anti-German slogan "Toward Berlin!" in Russian.

Some pro-Russian inhabitants of Kazakhstan also decorate their German-made cars with slogans, which bear insulting undertones towards Germany. Local authorities don’t discourage such provocative signs. For example, this Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV in Almaty with the 245 KPA 02 number plate has a slogan at its rear window “Трофейный”, which can be translated as Spoils of War. Well, it is another instance of an aggressive attitude, displayed by the Russians toward the West.

A Gelendwagen witn an anti-German inscription "Spoils of War" in Russian.

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