Girl’s Honor at Too High A Price

Now and again, girls pay dearly for their honor. Some of them even commit a suicide in order to save their honor. No wonder that certain movies have depicted such tragic moments, full of girls’ noble pride. Let us review several examples of girls’ bravery, immortalized by photo-plays.

Epic drama The Birth of a Nation (directed by David Griffith, produced by David W. Griffith Corp., 1915 ) has a scene, where a white girl has leaped to her death, fleeing a lascivious Negro soldier. Martial arts film Enter the Dragon (directed by Robert Clouse, produced by Concord Production Inc. and Warner Bros., 1973) has a tragic sequence, where a Chinese girl has had to kill herself so as to save her honor. Action-adventure horror flick The Mummy (directed by Stephen Sommers, produced by Universal Pictures, 1999) shows an ancient Egyptian girl, who has sacrificed her life in the name of her love.

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