They Feel No Pain

Certain movies have amazing characters, who display almost superhuman qualities. For example, they practically don’t feel pain. Even more, some of them are based on true stories. Let us examine several instances of such heroic people.

Adventure drama Moby Dick, released in 1956,  has had an exotic man, Queequeg, who is literally senseless to pain in his trance. The white protagonist interferes, when cruel crewmen have started to cut the chieftain’s son with a knife. Soviet action biopic Personally Known, released in 1958, has brilliantly shown life and times of an Armenian socialist terrorist Kamo (1882-1922). Among other things, in order to simulate madness he endured a needle torture by German psychiatrists. Another biopic Sultan Beybars, released in 1989, portrays extraordinary biography of a Kazakh ruler (1223-1277) of the medieval Egypt. True or not, an associate of his young days was capable to lie on a bed of nails. So, the future Sultan Beybars, then a slave, has interfered, when cruel overseers pressed his associate too hard.

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