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Contacting Sagan

Famous scientist Carl Sagan’s sci-fi novel Contact (1985) is a creative study of possibilities, which could entail an encounter with aliens. His profound knowledge of astrophysics laid a substantial foundation for the amazing plotline. Indeed, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, conducted by radio astronomers, is one of the most viable ways to establish communications with aliens. Diverse knowledge of Dr. Sagan, ranging from philosophy to fine arts, added bright colors to this sci-fi narration. But, along with undisputable virtues of the novel, there ...


Superficial Sources

Some encyclopedias, published in English-speaking countries, have been created with the help of international contributors with hands-on expertise. Moreover, the encyclopedias have been compiled and printed through the professional use of modern equipment. That is why, their readers should expect a high-end product, indeed. But, in certain respect it is not true. The sources they list at the end of entries are primarily in English. Such superficial approach doesn't provide us with thorough knowledge.



Encyclopedia of Double Standards

Encyclopedia Britannica is one of the most authoritative reference books in the world. Its wide range of topics and clearcut style are praiseworthy indeed. But, the encyclopedia is also characterized by a political bias in certain issues. Well, one shouldn't object to propaganda overtones in a party publication. However, a reference book must be guarded against such propaganda involvement. Unfortunately, editors and authors of Britannica have succumbed to a temptation of the worldly opinions. For example, they highly appreciated a demonic Leon Trotsky, who led the Red Army ...


Narrow-Minded Compilers

As a rule, leading phylosophical encyclopedias of the West have been notorious for their arrogance towards Soviet, Latin American, and Asian thinkers. With the few exceptions like Confucius and Al-Kindi, Western experts and publishers have consistently ignored non-European scholars. Usually their bibliography has been limited with the sources in Western languages. Their contents have been markedly imbalanced. For example, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy contains indecently verbose entries about outdated views of Pierre Abelard or an insignificant political scientist Hannah Arendt.



Obvious Hints of XXX

Some moviemakers, not contented with censorship restrictions, have set lurid overtones in their works. Oddly enough, there was a certain number of films with dubious scenes, released in the Soviet Union.

Don't Grieve comedy («Не горюй!», directed by Georgi Daneliya, produced by Mosfilm Studios and Georgian Film Studios, 1969)contains a ...



Browsing through the James Trefil's The Nature of Science, published by Houghton Mifflin Company in 2003,gives an intellectual pleasure for the most of the time. Its wide scope of scientific inquiry, limpid definitions of complex problems are indeed praiseworthy. However, the book usually passes over in silence great scientists outside Europe and North America. The author has managed to ...


Some Critical Notes on the Eighteenth Edition of Economics by Paul Samuelson and William Nordhaus



This widely acclaimed textbook has made its contribution to the instruction of many economists throughout the world. But, along with its indisputable advantages, there are also evident shortcomings. Consequently, the textbook, published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin (USA) in 2005, deserves a critical review.