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Bizarre Olympic Tricks

London 2012 Olympic Games have been a noteworthy display of not only athletic prowess, but also strange political overtones. For example, despite of hefty salaries and access to the ocean of information in the Internet, manufacturers of sports apparel made a mistake, writing Kzakhstan instead of Kazakhstan. The Kazakh flag itself was insultingly distorted in one of the London's locations. Instead of the sun in the center of the flag, they left it void with the circular hole. Britons have been ...


They Voted for Reforms

Amateur boxing wasn't in good shape at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Controversial judging decisions, pervasive corruption, decrease of TV-audience, and other shortcomings were evident. Of course, some of them still persist. For example, today's cumbersome gloves and headgear considerably reduce fighting capabilities of pugilists. Just two places in Olympic Games for super-heavyweight boxers from Asia are not enough for this populous continent. But within the last four years things noticeably changed. As a result, the current ...