Two Global Villains of the Same Age

A US billionaire Bill Gates has been widely known for his destructive activities, ranging from software profiteering to the Covid Hoax. He ain’t no scientist, nor artist or scholar. However, the notorious dropout was awarded an honourary degree by the greedy Harvard University in 2007. Mr. Gates’ primary goal is to make profit for himself and his associates. But, there is another evil character, who has been less known for international audience, born in 1955 too. Despite his relatively low profile, this man has been almost as harmful as the Microsoft‘s boss.

Bill Gates and Anatoly Chubais in Moscow, October 11, 1997.

Mr. Gates visited Moscow on October 11, 1997.  The First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Anatoly Chubais was among high-ranking hosts. This redhead politico, who obtained “Israeli” citizenship in May 2023, is a schemer of the highest degree. Mr. Chubais oversaw Russian privatization in 1991-1994, which fabulously enriched the chosen few, impoverishing the majority of Russian population. He managed an energy giant in 1998-2008, transferring state-owned electricity facilities to private companies. His profiteering ambitions were to blame for a catastrophic blackout on May 25, 2005, which adversely affected more than 2 million residents of Moscow City and some 5 million people in Moscow, Tula, and Kaluga Regions. He managed a big nanotechnology company in 2008-2020, pocketing millions of dollars through dubious scientific projects. For example, Mr. Chubais fetched a nice salary of $3 million in 2018 alone.

Technically, unlike Mr. Gates he is neither a multi-billionaire nor a global celebrity, but the Russian-“Israeli” swindler has had more experience as a professional economist and governmental official. By the way, both of them have attended meetings of the ominous Bilderberg Group, which openly advocates a totalitarian new world order. However, the blood-thirsty Mr. Chubais advanced his genocidal agenda long before the Covid Hoax — a brainchild of Mr. Gates. The former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and the ex-Chairman of its State Property Committee Vladimir Polevanov recollects his conversation with Mr. Chubais, which took place in 1994: “When I came to the State Property Committee, trying to reform the privatization strategy, Mr. Chubais told me straightforwardly: “Why you are worrying about those folks? Ok, thirty million would die. They don’t comply with a market economy. Never mind, new ones will be born”. Nowadays, the similar genocidal policy is being carried out by evil proponents of the Covid Hoax.

A Kazakh journalist Akhmetbek Naurzbayev (Ахметбек Наурзбаев, 1959-2022).

A Kazakh journalist Akhmetbek Naurzbayev (Ахметбек Наурзбаев, 1959-2022) was not a terminally-ill patient. The main health problem of Mr. Naurzbayev was a thyroid gland disorder. But, relentless employers of the journalist forced him to get vaccinated. As a result, his condition aggravated and he died soon of a heart attack. A Kazakh veteran wrestler Bakhyt Berdybekov (Бақыт Бердібеков, 1961-2022) suffered from diabetes. Although, regular insulin injections stabilized the well-being of Mr. Berdybekov. But, murderous physicians of a clinic threatened to bar the former wrestler from medical treatment unless he takes a Covid shot. Not surprisingly, he died soon thereafter.

Both of them would have been quite a burden to the social security system of Kazakhstan. Luckily, their convenient death liberated the Kazakh Republic from a tiresome obligation to pay an age pension to Mr. Naurzbayev and Mr. Berdybekov. So, getting rid of surplus population, the local followers of the two global villains cement their prosperity still further. Thus, insidious Covid criminals are far worse than Nazis. The latter ones acted openly for the most part, while the former ones pave their sinister ways with good intentions.

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