Illuminati Buildings in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Pervasive masonic symbols have reached even this city in a landlocked country, tucked away in the middle of Eurasia. Illuminati’s pyramids and triangles are quite an alien element to nomadic culture. If you want to erect an edifice in Kazakh style, then it is natural to use dome-themed details in architecture. You know, the dome resembles a nomad’s tent (киіз үй in Kazakh); let alone its predominance in Oriental palaces and temples. However, cosmopolitan Kazakhs, newly converted to freemasonry, have tried to forget their roots in favor of Illuminati’s symbolism. Masonic signs in the Kazakh capital Astana (Satana?) have been covered by numerous publications. Nevertheless, Almaty’s Illuminati symbols are less known to the West.


A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts, built in 1976, notable for its pyramid, which obviously was well ahead the famous pyramid at the Louvre.

Business center Нұрлы Тау (it means «Luminous Mountain» in Kazakh), built in 2005-2010, also full of masonic signs. A hoodwinked greeting from Lucifer?)))


Office building at the intersection of Shevchenko and Zharokov Streets, erected circa 2009, resembles an owl-shaped headquarters of Frost Bank. As though Kazakh proselytes in Almaty sent a message: «US brothers, you are not alone in your quest for New World Order! »

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