“Why a Swallow Has a Tail of Two Ends?”

Award-winning Kazakhfilm Studios animation, released in 1967, based on a Kazakh fairy tale. Directed by Amen Khaidarov, music by Nurgisa Tlendiev.


The Stalingrad Battle’s participant Amen Khaidarov, 2009

Old and sick Dragon desperately needs a cure for his disease. Cunning Fox tells him that the best way to restore his health is to drink sweet blood. Then, the Fox puts fishbone in a retort: the best kind of blood will resurrect the fish. Mosquito – the Dragon’s faithful servant – sets out with the retort to find, whose blood is suitable to treat the ailing Dragon.

Finally, the resourceful Mosquito learns that a baby’s blood is the sweetest one, because its drop has resurrected the fishbone in the retort. Mosquito hurries up to break the news to his Master. But, brave Swallow kills Mosquito, in order to prevent eventual death of the baby. In the process of saving humankind, the Swallow’s tail gets split in two.

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