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Five Minutes Left

Sometimes, even few minutes are of vital importance. Naturally, filmmakers have exploited this circumstance extensively. For example, in certain movies a short period of five minutes has been mentioned. By the way, a judo bout usually lasts five minutes. As for film directors and screenwriters, they have used the period of five minutes as a symbol of fleeting time, during which momentous decisions could be made.



Fire and Sun

These are literally hot symbols of dynamic development, life-giving force. No wonder that moviemakers around the world have often alluded to the fiery examples. Sometimes, they have employed strikingly similar imagery of the phenomenon. Thus, solar myths, Greek fire god Prometheus, Zoroastrian creed, eternal flames of war memorials, and other manifestations of the mankind's reverence for the source of warmth is marching on in films.

For instance, famous Soviet eastern «Неуловимые мстители» (The Elusive ...