Distant Cousin

Famous US entrepreneur Steve Jobs, whose «Apple» is the latest example of the fruit’s glorification after the ancient Apple of Discord and the Isaac Newton’s one, is indirectly related to Kazakhstan. Once again, a trivial notion of global village proves itself.


Al Farabi on Kazakhstan’s 1 tenge banknote, 1993

Jobs, who is of Syrian-American origin, presents a rather symbolic example. Why? Because, in a way, this innovator has repeated outstanding achievements of his ancestors in the Middle East. As you know, during the Dark Ages great Arab, Persian, and Turkic scientists made a substantial contribution to mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.


By Steve Jurvetson

Steve Jobs with red shawl, 2007

Incidentally, one of them – a polymath Al Farabi – was born on the territory of the modern South Kazakhstan. His life and works were dedicated to astronomy, theory of music, sociology, logic, etc. Al Farabi died in Damascus, Syria. Therefore, to some extent, «Apple»’s founder has implicit ties to Kazakhstan.



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