Fuzzy Names

There are many organizations throughout the world, which have been improperly named. When dealing with such titles, one cannot describe the nature of the organizations for sure. Let’s examine briefly telltale examples from Germany, Kazakhstan, and USA.

An amazing collection, dedicated to the science and technology, is located in Munich, Germany. It bears an irrelevantly patriotic name – Deutsches Museum (German Museum). Because, its significant part comprises of exhibits, displaying foreign achievements. Moreover, its fuzzy name doesn’t show clearly that it deals with the science and technology.


True, some museums also bear markedly nationalistic names, while exhibiting artifacts from around the world. The British Museum presents a seemingly convincing example. But, the imperial past of the Great Britain partially vindicates such name, since many exhibits of its chief museum have been collected from its former colonies.

Kazakh officials have a bad habit to change names of their agencies and ministries too often. A bright idea had dawned upon them to set up the Ministry of Culture, which had the Committee of Culture among its departments. So, the officials didn’t see the difference between the part and the whole. This was a definite error in terms of formal logic.

And the last, but not the least subject of this essay. The notorious National Security Agency of USA is also a misnomer. One cannot deduce that it engages in eavesdropping and code-breaking, simply by looking at this fuzzy name. But, the NSA is not alone. The US Secret Service bears a fuzzy name, too. You can’t say at once that a bunch of cutthroats, protecting a proxy of big business, lurk behind this name.

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