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Did you know that a famine in 1928-1931, when about 1.8 million of ethnic Kazakhs perished, was orchestrated by «the mysterious Isaiah Goloschekin, who was to become the Butcher of Kazakhstan» ( This vilain of international scale doesn’t even have an English entry in Wikipedia. Isaiah Goloschekin also participated in the execution of Nikolay Romanov (former Nicholas II of Russia) and his family.

In 1928, Leon Trotsky was sent into exile in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he spent one year. In his memoirs «My Life», 1930, he only once mentions the indigenous population, citing his wife’s diary: «In the marketplace, dirty Kazakhs basked in the sunshine and searched for the insects on their bodies». Such remarks indicate the deplorable shallowness of Trotsky and his wife, who were ignorant of many remarkable facts about Kazakhstan. For instance, even 3,500 years ago the Central Kazakhstan had a leading position in the world’s non-ferrous metallurgy. Outstanding Kazakh geographer, historian, and painter Shokan Ualikhanov (1835-1865) made the first full-fledged report about the Eastern Turkestan (Xinjiang) to the West.

By Jeff Karpala

Film director Larry Charles is an “engaging” character, who spreads lies with the help of silver screen

Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He has often lamented his hard childhood there. He has frequently laid territorial claims on Kazakhstan. But, the truth is that Zhirinovsky’s family lived at the intersection of Abai Avenue and Masanchi Street. This is a prestigious district of the city. Ill-nourished boys, who suffered after WWII, sometimes punched up a well-fed boy Vladimir. So, his anti-Kazakh rhetoric was caused mainly by bitter memories of the weak boy.

Outrageous flick Borat has attributed Western vices to Kazakhstan. True, Kazakhs have a number of shortcomings like red tape, tribalism, nepotism, etc. But, there are few homosexuals among Kazakhs and the majority of these perverts are Russified Kazakhs, inhabiting cities. In this respect, moral health of Kazakhs is much more better than that of many Westerners, who have engaged in sodomy. Also, a considerable number of Kazakhs are well-educated specialists, not like a dumbheaded protagonist of the mockumentary. A lot of Kazakhs enjoy reading Western classics: William Shakespeare, Balzac, Jack London, and so forth. But, what about an average Westerner, who knows almost nothing about great Kazakh, Kirghiz, or Tatar artists, novelists, scientists?

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