Bizarre Olympic Tricks

London 2012 Olympic Games have been a noteworthy display of not only athletic prowess, but also strange political overtones. For example, despite of hefty salaries and access to the ocean of information in the Internet, manufacturers of sports apparel made a mistake, writing Kzakhstan instead of Kazakhstan. The Kazakh flag itself was insultingly distorted in one of the London’s locations. Instead of the sun in the center of the flag, they left it void with the circular hole. Britons have been famous for their great satirist Jonathan Swift, outstanding masters of paradoxical humour Lewis Carroll and Oscar Wilde. But, the aforementioned foolish pranks belong to vulgarities. Unfortunately, sports events themselves have been accompanied by biased results.

Wrong inscription of "Kazakhstan" on the back of a coach.

Deformed Kazakh flag at the London Summer Olympic Games, 2012.

AIBA, notorious for its corruption scandals, once again has made disgustingly unjust decisions. A promising Iranian heavyweight boxer Ali Mazaheri was disqualified after the referee’s two groundless cautions during his bout against a Cuban fighter. A formidable Cuban superheavyweight boxer Erislandy Savon had punched up nicely his British rival. But, the judges acted in favour of the host country. A Kazakh weightlifter Anna Nurmukhamedova, who had clearly snatched 117 kilos, had her result cancelled minutes later. This inexplicably unfair decision, perhaps, played a decisive role to prevent her from winning the bronze medal in the 69 kilograms weight category.

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