Mature Women and Little Boys

When a man molests a child, it looks abhorring to the majority of people. But, when an aged lady pampers a boy, it looks somewhat less menacing. Therefore, arts and literature throughout the ages have taken a tolerant stance towards grotesque relationships between mature women and little boys. Accordingly, moviemakers have followed this trend for decades.

Soviet fairy tale The Snow Queen («Снежная королева», directed by Gennadi Kazansky, produced by Lenfilm Studios, 1966), based on the famous story of the same title by Hans Christian Andersen, depicts charms cast by the aloof Snow Queen upon a boy named Kai. Joint Soviet-American fantasy film The Blue Bird («Синяя птица», directed by George Cukor, produced by 20th Century Fox and Lenfilm Studios, 1976), based on the play of the same title by Maurice Maeterlinck, contains a scene where a boy name Tyltyl has been enchanted by a magnificent lady Luxury. Soviet road movie The Stepp («Степь», directed by Sergei Bondarchuk, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1977), based on the story of the same title by Anton Chekhov, contains a scene where a nine-year old middle-class boy Yegorushka dreams about having fun with a woman of nobility, whom he has met by chance at an inn.

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