Headwear Beyond Repair


Caps, hats, and other items we put on our heads serve us not only as headwear. They also symbolize certain sacredness, because they cover the most precious part of our body. That is why, the destruction of headwear presents itself as a rather ominous sign, because it is a quite symbolic part of our clothing. Filmmakers have employed a ruined headwear motive under different storylines and genres.

Anarchic comedy Duck Soup (directed by Leo McCarey, produced by Paramount Pictures, 1933) contains a scene, where one of the Marxes burns out the hat of a passer-by. Soviet comedy «Музыкальная история» (The Musical Story, directed by Alexander Ivanovsky and Herbert Rappaport, produced by Lenfilm Studios, 1940) jovially shows us, how an awkward opera singer squashes up the hat of his counterpart. Soviet thriller «Сыщик» (The Detective, directed by Vladimir Fokin, produced Gorky Film Studios, 1979) contains a scene, where a rookie policeman unwittingly makes the cap of his chief useless.

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