A Bloody Dilemma

Certain movies contain excruciating scenes, where protagonists face an extremely difficult choice: one has to maim himself in order to escape a predicament or painfully die.  These truly blood-curling moments also offer a wide opportunity for audience to imagine possible ways through which miserable characters might get away. Let us review several examples of such scenes.

Dystopian action film Mad Max (directed by George Miller, produced by Roadshow Entertainment, 1979) has had a scene, where a good guy leaves a bad guy with a time-delay fuse and a hacksaw to set himself free from handcuffs. Apparently, the antagonist would die in an explosion a few moments later. Comedy horror flick Evil Dead II (directed by Sam Raimi, produced by Rosebud Releasing and Renaissance Pictures, 1987) has had a protagonist, who is forced to sever his possessed hand, which, however, would pester him even being cut off. Soviet gangster photoplay Kings of Crime (“Воры в законе“, directed by Yuri Kara, produced by Gorky Film Studios, 1988) has had a scene, where a card-sharper being handcuffed to a radiator inside a garage with a car started. His only chance to survive is to cut off his hand with a saw, but he doesn’t realize that the garage’s door has been locked up.

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