A Russo-Chinese Proxy to Stay in Power

A snap presidential election in Kazakhstan has been scheduled on November 20, 2022 to guarantee the incumbent president Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev a walkover victory. By the way, the country’s previous presidential election of 2019 also took place ahead of schedule. Because, it is a convenient way for the authorities to get a head start over opposition candidates. In order to do some window dressing, freak candidates have been endorsed. My favorite one is an agricultural executive Zhiguli Dairabayev. Well, honestly, I have not studied carefully this candidate’s platform. But, in the former USSR and the Eastern Bloc his first name has been most closely associated with a popular Soviet Russian car brand of Zhiguli. The advent of Mr. Dairabayev has had its forerunner. A scholar Engels Gabbasov (1937-2014) participated in a snap presidential election of Kazakhstan in 1999. Once again, his first name has a peculiar undertone. Because, it is the surname of a German socialist philosopher Friedrich Engels. No doubt, puppet masters of Kazakh politics have a bizarre sense of humor. Incidentally, the first name of Mr. Tokayev himself was obtained illegally. At least, up to November 25, 2008 it was “Kassymzhomart“, not the present “Kassym-Zhomart“. But, double names were actually prohibited in Kazakhstan from 1999 until the end of 2019. For instance, a register office in Almaty turned down Eva Becher — a Kazakh woman of the German ethnic origin — who wanted to name her daughters as Anna-Maria and Katarina-Marta in 2010. However, the future Kazakh president somehow managed to circumvent the restriction.

Requirements for presidential candidates in Kazakhstan.

Also, official requirements, set before presidential candidates, bear markedly discriminatory nature. For example, in order to participate in an election campaign, one must have a higher education diploma and at least five years experience as a civil servant or legislative body’s member. So, a Kazakh entrepreneur or artist without a diploma have been forbidden to enter the presidential race. Prior to election, the Kazakhstan-born presidential candidate also has to reside at least fifteen years in his homeland. Thus, a diplomatist or exiled opposition leader cannot run for president. Therefore, potential candidates, like the former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Imangali Tasmagambetov who was the Kazakh Ambassador to Russia in 2017-2019, have been conveniently kept away from a presidential campaign. By the way, Mr. Tokayev himself served as director general of the United Nations Office at Geneva in 2011–2013. But, you know, some candidates are more equal than others. Even, quite a reasonable requirement that the candidate must speak Kazakh — the state language of the country — has been a telltale example of double standards. For instance, a Russified pro-government politico Gani Kassymov, who doesn’t actually speak Kazakh, successfully passed the language exam to become a presidential candidate in 2011 (it was a snap election too. Surprise, surprise!). At the same time, an opposition activist Ualikhan Kaissarov failed the language exam, although Mr. Kaissarov speaks Kazakh. Therefore, the candidate’s level of Kazakh has been largely predetermined by his political stance.

Қазақ дипломаты Қасымжомарт Тоқаев пен оның ресейлік әріптесі Евгений Примаков әңгімелесуде. Мәскеу, 1997 жылдың ақпаны.

And Mr. Tokayev has always been close to power. Too close, I should say. There have been persistent rumors that, as a matter of fact, he is a bastard of a formidable spymaster Yevgeny Primakov (1929-2015), who was the Prime Minister of Russia in 1998-1999. Although, mainstream Kazakh media, like Forbes Kazakhstan, have exploited this gossip mainly as a clickbait.  But, this is not an urban legend to brush aside. Well-informed individuals have personally communicated to me their opinions as for the Kazakh president’s actual father. For example, in 2019 a Moscow-based Kyrgyz politician Kubanychbek Apas, MD, argued that, perhaps, Mr. Primakov is the biological father of Mr. Tokayev. On the other hand, in 2021 Bolat Sauranbayev, the former Deputy Mayor of Almaty City, told me that Mr. Primakov is, possibly, a cousin of Mr. Tokayev.

A screenshot of a Kazakh Telegram channel's post.

Since Mr. Tokayev’s appointment as president in 2019, Kazakh social media have covered controversies concerning his background. Some of them claim that the paternal grandfather of Mr. Tokayev, Toka, had an elder brother, Zhussyp. Both of them were children of a rich man Abdrakhman from a Kazakh tribe of Zhalaiyr. In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, the elder brother resurfaced in Kyrgyzstan as Yussup Abdrakhmanov — one of the leading Kyrgyz politicians. Mr. Abdrakhmanov was on friendly terms with a Soviet warlord Vitali Primakov and his Jewish wife, Maria Natanson-Dovzhikova. The warlord Primakov was sent as a Soviet military attaché to Afghanistan in 1927. His divorced wife Natanson-Dovzhikova went to Kyrgyzstan as a colleague of Mr. Abdrakhmanov. In 1929, she gave birth to a baby boy, Yevgeny Primakov, with distinct Asian facial features. Soon, the mother submitted the son to her relative, Anna Kirshenblat, who adopted Mr. Primakov and returned to Tbilisi, where the Jewish Kirshenblat family lived.

Yet another supposition, concerning Mr. Primakov’s real father, was put forward in 1999 by a Russian weekly Zavtra — reportedly a semi-official media outlet of the Defense Ministry of Russia. They claim that the spymaster is a bastard of Irakli Andronikov — a prominent Soviet scholar of the Georgian-Jewish ethnic origin. Primarily due to the clandestine support efforts by his influential biological father, Mr. Primakov — the timid son of the lone mother — made a stellar espionage career. So, figuratively speaking, Mr. Tokayev could be regarded as a double bastard. Moreover, there are medical reasons, indicating possible genetic connections between the Russian spymaster and the Russo-Chinese proxy.

The Russian foreign minister Evgeny Primakov, right, the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, center, and the Kazakh foreign minister Kassymzhomart Tokayev. Almaty, February of 1996.

Their case history contains a goitre — a swelling of the thyroid gland — which can be a hereditary disease. Of course, in Mr. Tokayev’s case the sickness was exacerbated by his childhood, spent in an iodine-deficient region of the Southeast Kazakhstan. By the way, in the first half of the 1980s I was a neighbor of Bakytbek Shabarbayev — the younger brother of Mr. Tokayev. You know, there is a Kazakh custom to send a baby to one’s childless relatives. So, the future president’s step-father — a detective writer Kemel Tokayev — and mother — a foreign language teacher Turar Shabarbayeva — made a noble decision to place their younger son in the family of Ms. Shabarbayeva’s brother, Seissebai Shabarbayev.

We lived on the fourth floor of a five-storey apartment building, situated behind a bus station of an urban village of Kirovsky (now Balpyq Bi). The presidential little brother’s family resided on the same landing, right the next door. One winter night at the beginning of 1983, Bakytbek Shabarbayev — a habitual drinker who later, as if by magic, became the Kazakh Ambassador to Pakistan — committed an act of domestic violence. His wife, Kapiza Shabarbayeva, with their daughters Assemgul and Anel were about to take flight. My mother, a lawyer Tolkynai Makasheva, trying to protect the abused Ms. Shabarbayeva and the children, rebuked Mr. Shabarbayev.  Due to energetic efforts of Ms. Makasheva, the victims of domestic violence safely stayed home. Incidentally, Mr. Tokayev’s supposed step-father, the detective writer Kemel Tokayev, was also a drunkard. And president Tokayev himself has hit the bottle from time to time. In this phone conversation with the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov, intercepted circa May 2007, Mr. Tokayev gaily acknowledges his drinking proclivity.

1996 жылдың 27 сәуірінде "Казахстанская правда" газетінде шыққан "В одиночестве лидеров есть положительная сторона -- полная защищённость от какого-либо влияния" атты Қасымжомарт Тоқаевтың сұхбаты.

Apart from the facial resemblance of the two politicians in question, there has been another suggestion, validating the Primakov-Tokayev Hypothesis: a stellar diplomatic career of the Russo-Chinese proxy. As a rule, Kazakh diplomats held mediocre positions in the Soviet Union. Generally, they were sent to backward African and Asian countries. But, as if by magic, the young Mr. Tokayev — a provincial graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations with a degrading “Midge” nickname — was sent to dream destinations like Singapore and Beijing! Certainly, such prestigious appointments would have been impossible without good connections. And Mr. Tokayev has dutifully kept allegience to his benefactors. For instance, a Kazakh governmental newspaper published a Russian-language interview with him on April 27, 1996, which was entitled rather pretentiously, The foreign minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassymzhomart Tokayev: The loneliness of leaders has a positive side — complete protection against any influence. There Mr. Tokayev denounces the former foreign minister of Russia Andrei Kozyrev for the latter’s pro-Western orientation. At the same time, the Kazakh politician praises an ostensible patriotic stance of his supposed father Mr. Primakov — the Mr. Kozyrev’s successor. Mr. Tokayev also condemns NATO expansion to the East. Besides, the Kazakh foreign minister with poorly hidden satisfaction points out that the late Chechen president Dzhokhar Dudayev failed in his attempts to rally the Muslim world to support the Chechen rebellion against Russia. All in all, in this interview Mr. Tokayev plainly reveals his pro-Russian stance of an inveterate KGB-FSB agent. However, Mr. Tokayev’s treacherous activities towards Kazakhstan have expanded far beyond his loyalty to Mother Russia.

Мұрат Әуезовтің "Времен связующая нить" кітабының үзіндісі.

A sinologist Murat Auezov, who was the Kazakh Ambassador to China in 1992-1995, made a report at a political convention in Almaty, March 1998, published in his book “Времён связующая нить”, 2017. Among other things, Mr. Auezov condemned Mr. Tokayev, who, as the foreign minister of Kazakhstan, upon the completion of a helicopter flyover of a disputed territory had hastily given the go-ahead to some Kazakh land cession to China under the laughable pretext that the disputed territory doesn’t contain natural resources. Can you imagine, say, a Mexican politician declaring that certain territory of Mexico doesn’t contain natural resources, so it is OK to cede the disputed land to USA?!

Moreover, in July 2022, the Kazakh authorities granted ALL Chinese citizens visa-free access to Kazakhstan. This is a clever decision, I should say. Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russia’s future is uncertain. The Russian troops would not save Mr. Tokayev’s regime once more, should new protests spread across Kazakhstan. Therefore, under the tourist guise, the People’s Liberation Army of China could legally enter the country to protect Mr. Tokayev.

The Russo-Chinese proxy also has been helpful for other imperialist nations. For instance, Encyclopædia Britannica acknowledges the willingness of Mr. Tokayev to serve great powers, saying that “in 1994 Pres. Nursultan Nazarbayev appointed him minister of foreign affairs. During his tenure the disarmament of Kazakhstan’s nuclear arsenal was completed“. Also, the late Kazakh Ambassador to Austria Rakhat Aliyev, MD, mentioned in his Russian-language book The Godfather-in-Law, 2009, corruption ties between Mr. Tokayev and a Swiss construction company Mabetex. Of course, such mutually beneficial cooperation between the Kazakh embezzler and the Swiss profiteers cemented his appointment as director general of the United Nations Office at Geneva in 2011. But, Mr. Tokayev’s corruption schemes involve other countries as well.

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, left, receives credentials from Czech Ambassador Rudolf Hykl on February 6, 2019.

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev received credentials from Czech Ambassador Rudolf Hykl on February 6, 2019. Soon, Mr. Nazarbayev resigned on March 19, 2019 in favor of Mr. Tokayev. And Mr. Hykl has many things in common with the Russo-Chinese proxy. They both graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations, whose main task was to train KGB spies under diplomatic cover. Mr. Tokayev served at the Soviet Embassy to Singapore, 1975-1979. Mr. Hykl was a Czech diplomatist in Singapore, 2000-2004. Mr. Tokayev’s younger brother, Mr. Shabarbayev, was a counsellor at the Kazakh diplomatic mission to the Czech Republic, 2004-2005. It comes as no surprise, because the Russian organized crime has been traditionally strong in the Central European country with substantial investments in its real estate, for instance. Its president Miloš Zeman has been widely regarded as a friend of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Moreover, Mr. Zeman has been routinely called as a traitor, due to his pro-Russian stance concerning a huge 2014 ammunition depot explosion in the Czech Republic that killed two people. The country’s security and intelligence services identified Russian involvement in the explosion. The European Union’s 26 other nations and NATO allies of Czechia have endorsed the investigation’s anti-Russian findings.

Incidentally, Mr. Tokayev’s rise to power was accompanied by a huge ammunition depot explosion in a town of Arys in the South Kazakhstan, which took place on June 24, 2019, killing three people. Well, president Tokayev has been a distinguished veteran of KGB/FSB. Nurlan Yermekbayev, who was the Kazakh defence minister at the time of the explosion, has been an officer of Soviet/Russian military intelligence. Therefore, in this case Russian involvement is evident. But, in contrast to the NATO-protected Czech Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan, where numerous Russian military bases have been stationed, has had to suffer much more. A tremendous ammunition depot explosion took place near a city of Taraz in the South Kazakhstan on August 26, 2021, killing seventeen people. Even the well-connected Mr. Yermekbayev had to resign, but he has escaped punishment for his acts of sabotage. Consequently, the very demoralized Kazakh army didn’t put up resistance to Russian invasion of Kazakhstan in January 2022, triggered by Mr. Tokayev’s hospitable invitation. But, the pro-Russian stance of certain Czech and Kazakh politicians have manifested itself not only in the field of economy and politics.

A screenshot of the webpage of Czech Embassy to Kazakhstan.

The website of the Czech Embassy to Kazakhstan has been maintained only in Czech and Russian languages. Mr. Hykl has showed contempt for the Kazakh language — the state language of the host country. For the sake of comparison, I should note that the website of the Kazakh Embassy to the Czech Republic has been dutifully maintained in the Czech language too. Of course, Mr. Tokayev cannot demonstrate such a blatant disregard for the Kazakh language. The Russo-Chinese proxy has undermined our mother tongue in subtle ways.

Recently, an East Kazakhstan’s librarian Janat Jienbekova shared her worries with me: “The next year of 2023 has been officially declared the Year of the Russian Language in Kazakhstan. Therefore, we have to schedule some events to celebrate the Russian language in our library. This is madness! The Kazakh language itself is in a pitiful condition. Why must we sponsor the state language of a foreign country?!” I completely agree with Ms. Jienbekova. Because, among other things, the Tokayev government has made it obligatory for ALL Kazakh schoolchildren to study English and Russian languages. As a result, in our efforts to support the mother tongue we have been often sidetracked by the government-sponsored foreign languages. For the sake of comparison, I should note that the jingoistic government of Russia has grudgingly permitted only ONE Kazakh-language secondary school, located in a remote Siberian village. Certainly, this is not enough for some 700,000 ethnic Kazakhs of Russia! For example, over 800,000 ethnic Kazakhs of Uzbekistan have 370 Kazakh-language secondary schools.

Қытай төрағасы Си Цзиньпиннің Ақмола мен Самарқандқа сапарларының көріністері.

The subversive language policy of Mr. Tokayev was witnessed once again during a state visit of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Kazakhstan on September 14, 2022. The Russo-Chinese proxy obligingly spoke fluent Chinese in front of his Beijing master. For the sake of comparison, I should note that president of Azerbaijan Abulfaz Elchibey, visiting Moscow on October 12, 1992, spoke mainly the Azeri language, although Mr. Elchibey was also fluent in Russian, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. By the way, Chairman Xi was flattered by the Kazakh hosts, wearing masks. Despite the fact that nationwide mask mandate had been lifted in Kazakhstan, Mr. Tokayev ordered it to be reintroduced during the meeting with the Chinese leader. Because, a mask mandate has been still observed in China. However, when the Chinese president arrived in Uzbekistan after he had paid the state visit to Kazakhstan, the Uzbek president Shavkat Mirziyoyev didn’t order a mask mandate. So, in a way, the leaders of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan conducted more independent foreign policy than their Kazakh counterpart.

As for the country’s domestic policy, Mr. Tokayev has pretended to build the New Kazakhstan, ostensibly free from defects of Mr. Nazarbayev’s era. However, this propaganda slogan is a far cry from a grim reality of the country. Omnipresent embezzlement and disorder still plague the land. In May 2022, I travelled probably the worst road in the world, which poorly connects a city of Atyrau and Kurmangazy village in the West Kazakhstan. There have been innumerable potholes and road cracks for the most part of this 244 km long “highway“. This dirt road of the oil-rich Caspian region resembles nightmare footage of WWII. Kazakh embezzlers have revelled in yet another civil engineering project in the other part of the country. They build a bridge across the Bukhtarma Reservoir in the East Kazakhstan with a price tag around $100 million.  This is gonna be a showcase of Mr. Tokayev’s Corruptstan! The bridge is expected to be 1,360 meters long and 13 meters wide. Thus, its surface area would be equal to 17,680 square meters. For the sake of comparison, let’s review a similar bridge under construction in USA. The Hartman Hammond Bridge has basically the same price tag of some $100 million. Its surface area would be around 18,580 square meters. US civil engineering has also been plagued by corruption, but its extent is a little bit different from the Kazakh one.  Say, an average bridge constructor in USA earns some $79,000 a year. At the same time, an average yearly earnings in construction industry of Kazakhstan are 10 (ten) times less! As they say, feel the difference.

So, the corrupted system, set in motion by Mr. Nazarbayev, functions quite well. Bagmen of the former Kazakh president, like a Russified oligarch Bulat Utemuratov, Judaist billionaire Aleksandr Mashkevich or Jewish-Christian oligarch Aleksandr Klebanov, are safe and sound. Only some less important characters, such as an Islamist entrepreneur Kairat Satybaldy and McDonald’s franchise owner Kairat Boranbayev, have been detained. Moreover, the police state, set up by Mr. Nazarbayev, would be strengthened. Mandatory fingerprinting of the entire population of Kazakhstan has been expected to be introduced on January 1, 2023.

Anyway, Mr. Tokayev with his televised order to fire protesters without warning has placed himself among such war criminals as Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Ramzan Kadyrov of Chechnya. But, as if by magic, the Russo-Chinese proxy doesn’t face international sanctions. Not surprisingly, Kazakh libraries and archives have been notorious for their restrictive practices too. For example, at the National Library of Kazakhstan you have to produce a permission from your employer or university in order to peruse an old book, published, say, in 1930. Such bizarre restrictions, perhaps, have stemmed from a queer personality of Mr. Tokayev too.

Former head coach of the Kazakhstan national boxing team Tursungali Edilov.

Former head coach of the Kazakh national boxing team Tursungali Edilov has also been an authority on homosexual community of the country. One summer day of 2022 Mr. Edilov told me: “They say that Mr. Tokayev is a faggot“. I replied: “At least, I know that since the 1970s Mr. Tokayev has maintained special relationships with the current Russian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Aleksei Borodavkin“. The coach giggled: “Then, who is the top and who is the bottom in this couple? That is the question“. Well, coincidence or not, but with Mr. Tokayev’s rise to power homosexual community of Kazakhstan has strengthened its position in comparison with its more closeted status under the old-fashioned Mr. Nazarbayev. Mainstream media of the country have increased the number of publications and broadcasts, where homosexual topics have been freely discussed. Foreign diplomats, eager to catch up to the gay trend of Mr. Tokayev’s lavender family values, have also made their considerable contribution to the sodomite movement of the country.

Алматыдағы американдық консул мен қоғам белсендісі Нұрбибі Нұрқаділова.

Caroline Savage — the Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General in Almaty — graced a sodomite party with her presence on June 13, 2022. Pictured alongside a local homosexual supporter Nurbibi Nurkadilova, a granddaughter of the former Mayor of Almaty Zamanbek Nurkadilov, a high-ranking diplomatist Ms. Savage must have used her capabilities more wisely. What do local “savages” really need, Ms. Savage? New jobs with decent salaries, firearms for self-defence against the savage rule of president Tokayev, fair election system, etc. US diplomats in Kazakhstan have traditionally performed much better than their Chinese and Russian counterparts, who usually regard our country as their colony. However, some US representatives have played around, polluting our country with stinking garbage like Jeehovah Witnesses, the Covid Hoax, carpet munchers, etc. It reminds me of Marie Yovanovitch, former US Ambassador to Ukraine. Instead of helping the host country to get ready for the imminent war with Russia, Ms. Yovanovitch fooled around with multicolored perverts.

Maybe, some Armenian or French homosexual politicians have toiled fruitfully for their fatherland. But, homosexual politicos have usually wreaked havoc on Kazakhstan. A Jewish faggot Communist Shaya Goloschyokin was the mastermind of the Kazakh famine of the 1930s. Mr. Goloschyokin had a local lover Nikolai Yezhov, who subsequently became a bloodthirsty head of the Soviet NKVD (KGB). A gay bankster Grigory Marchenko of the Ukrainian-German ethnic origin was the Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, responsible for the devaluation of our currency and increase of the retirement age. A queer deputy mayor of Almaty Yerzhan Babakumarov — Mr. Tokayev’s effeminate paisan — is also responsible for the Almaty bloodshed in January 2022.

The closeted president Tokayev has never been a real man. As a schoolboy, he was bullied by tough classmates. Almost a sissy boy, he was unable to defy the hoodlums. Even, when Mr. Tokayev became a high-ranking official, he has been still bullied by tough politicians.

On April 22, 2006 the president Nazarbayev’s son-in-law Rakhat Aliyev secretly recorded his confidential conversation with the Kazakh dictator. This unique recording is a trove of Mr. Nazarbayev’s outspoken opinions on the domestic and foreign policy of the country. Among other things, the former president scolded the Russo-Chinese proxy in the latter’s absence: “Tomorrow, I will give this Tokayev a thrashing!” Actually, the angry Mr. Nazarbayev said this threat, using a Russian obscene word. So, the current Kazakh president has been handpicked by his primarily Moscow and Beijing masters to balance out the enormous wealth of Mr. Nazarbayev’s clan. Of course, president Tokayev’s clan will never be as rich as the Nazarbayevs.  The former president’s grip on power was so strong that some Kazakh and even foreign streets named after him still remain intact! However, a cowardly person, like the Russo-Chinese proxy, has been helpful to rein in the ex-Kazakh leader. Mr. Tokayev is a mediocrity with no military, artistic or scholarly talents. But, he has proved himself to be a diligent subordinate for his superiors.

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