After Whom Borat was Modelled?

The main character of a bizarre comedy Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, 2006, is a homosexual, incestuous Kazakh journalist. Well, he has been one of the most improbable protagonists in the history of cinema. First, Kazakhs expressly prohibit not only cousin marriages (the second degree of kinship), but they also forbid intermarriages up to the seventh degree of kinship. Secondly, in sharp contrast to some ethnic groups in the Middle East, Caucasus, and Western Europe homosexualism among Kazakhs is rare. True, some Kazakhs, mainly Russified ones, practice this perversion. Nevertheless, it is an anomalous phenomenon in Kazakh society. Thus, imagine all the Borat’s grotesqueness — this disgusting product of Zionist moviemakers! However, apart from their apparent hostility towards peaceful Kazakhs, there is a metaphysical model after whom Borat was probably made. Let me introduce you to Christopher Gering — director of the Central Asian office of Internews Network.

Christopher Gering – director of the Central Asian office of Internews Network.

This American journalist was murdered in Almaty, Kazakhstan, 1997. The culprits were drug addicts and homosexuals of Slavic origin — Burichenko, Ivanov and Yalovikov. After they had cold-bloodedly knifed Kris to death, the pervert criminals took away his notebook, a fixed-line telephone and some of his clothes. Later, Kazakh detectives found out a lot of homosexual pornography in his rented apartment. Perhaps, the promiscuity of Mr. Gering was one of the real causes of his untimely tragic end. This shameful story has been cleansed to some extent by creating Borat — an imaginary Kazakh journalist with the perverted nature. Incidentally, a group of Astana’s lesbians and prostitutes killed their mate, Kristina Chernysheva, in 2014. The gang leader is a local Korean girl — Alexandra Li. Her accomplices are a Slavic girl Mary Gureyeva and Kazakh girl (what a pity!) Diana Nurzhanova. Therefore, my dear Zionist filmmakers, don’t limit yourselves with the topic of male homosexualism in Kazakhstan! Female homosexuals of the region also present a promising plotline to make up another kitsch picture.

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