Another Russian Loophole

A supposedly Kazakh tennis player Elena Rybakina — the winner of the Wimbledon tournament 2022 — actually has kept her Russian citizenship. But, nowadays, due to war crimes perpetrated by Vladimir Putin’s regime, Russian nationals face certain restrictions abroad. Thus, the enterprising young lady has skillfully positioned herself as a Kazakh citizen.

A tennis player Elena Rybakina's WhatsApp avatar.

As you know, Russian and Belarusian nationals were banned from Wimbledon in 2022. So, Ms. Rybakina used a Kazakh passport as a loophole to bypass the restriction. That is why, she must be stripped of her Wimbledon trophy. By the way, dual citizenship is prohibited in Kazakhstan. Therefore, Ms. Rybakina also must be fined or deported to Russia for her violation of our migration laws. This topic is especially important prior to the Paris Summer Olympic Games 2024, where the background check of participants must be improved. The Russian sportspeople, notorious for their doping scandals, have made numerous infringements in a purely legal way too.

ID details of Ms. Rybakina: her Russian passport number, the tennis player's WhatsApp number, and personal email address.

I intentionally disclose ID details of Ms. Rybakina (her Russian passport number, the tennis player’s WhatsApp number, and her email address) in order to prove the authenticity of my claim. Besides, I have no respect for the privacy of those, who violate the laws of Kazakhstan. A screenshot of the Russian citizens’ database as of 2023 plainly demonstrates that the tennis player has retained her Russian passport, despite the fact that she has represented Kazakhstan since 2018. No wonder that a distinguished Uzbekistan-born Russian tennis coach of the Jewish origin Vladimir Kamelzon argues: «Thank you, Kazakhstan, for accommodating our athlete. But, Ms. Rybakina is and will remain a Russian tennis player«.

An article about a pro-Russian Kazakh billionaire Bulat Utemuratov.

Of course, the Russian tennis star could not have succeeded in her dual-citizenship machinations without full-scale support of a pro-Russian Kazakh billionaire — the president of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation Bulat Utemuratov, who has had close affiliations with intelligence community too: he was a special envoy of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry (1995-1996), the Kazakh ambassador to Switzerland (1996-1999), and the secretary of Kazakhstan’s Security Council (2003-2006). A Russian tabloid’s essay, published in 2019, vividly portrays Mr. Utemuratov’s alleged activities: from his love affairs with Russian tennis beauties to his supposed involvement in Donald Trump’s sex scandal in 2013 (it allegedly took place in Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, owned by Mr. Utemuratov), to the Kazakh billionaire’s questionable sale of a Kazakh bank to Italian businessmen in 2007.

Елена Хрусталёваның ресейлік азаматтығы туралы анықтама.

But, Ms. Rybakina’s notorious case is simply the tip of an iceberg. There are numerous Russian athletes, who have illegally held the dual Russian-Kazakh citizenship. For example, a Russian-Belarusian sportswoman Elena Khrustaleva also serves as a vice-president of the Kazakhstan Biathlon Union. Ms. Khrustaleva is a silver medalist of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, 2010.

Али Хамхоевтың ресейлік азаматтығы туралы анықтама.

A Russian judoka of the Ingush ethnic origin and a Kazakh national Ali Khamkhoyev serves as the president of the Judo Federation of Almaty City. A successful businessman, Mr. Khamkhoyev controls a substantial share of cement production in Kazakhstan. Of course, dual citizenship has been implemented in other fields as well. For instance, a Russian astronaut, Major General of the Russian Armed Forces Talgat Mussabayev additionally acquired the Kazakh citizenship in 2007. Mr. Mussabayev was a member of the Committee on International Relations, Defense, and Security at the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament, 2017-2023. As you can see, certain Russian-Kazakh citizens not only enjoy themselves in sports, but they also hold high positions in politics of Kazakhstan.

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