Argentine Should Prevail

After just several hours, the new winner of the FIFA World Cup will own this prestigious trophy. The two archrivals, Germany and Argentine, will face off each other once again in the finals. The last time they fought a decisive battle in 1990, the unjustly awarded penalty kick brought an ill-gotten victory to Germany. You know, in order to commemorate the unification of East and West Germany there was an unofficial agreement to present the Germans with the World Cup. I believe that this time the team Argentina would win the long-awaited prize. There are a couple of auspicious signs to this assumption. As in 1986, when this team won the World Cup in Mexico, the Argentinians defeated Belgium during the play-off. In addition, this time they defeated the Netherlands in the semifinal. Then, the Dutch easily overpowered Brazil in the third place game. Usually, the team, which wins the eventual holder of the third place, would take the World Cup itself. Finally, European teams have never won the competition in South America. Personally, I dislike the way the Germans play. They look like mechanical puppets. No stars, no inspiration.

A football on the field.

Therefore, I am quite confident that Lionel Messi and his mates will reach their goal. Why I support this squad from a distant country? Argentine and Kazakhstan have many things in common. Their territories are almost equal to each other. The structure of their economies also resemble one another: rich natural resources, developed agricultural industry, etc. I deeply sympathize with the struggle of Argentine for the Malvinas — her islands, temporarily occupied by British invaders. Both Kazakhstan and Argentine are peaceful countries, which strive to take a decent place in the international community. Incidentally, while I watched the third place game between the Netherlands and Brazil, the thought struck me that they must supply such consolation games with a tangible incentive. For example, it would be nice to award the winner of the third place with a continental cup. If a European team wins such game, it would be tantamount to winning the European Championships. Should an Asian team achieve the third place, it would be like the victory in the Asian Games. Alternatively, FIFA could consider another way to stimulate the third place game’s participants. For instance, they should award the winner of the consolation game with a license to participate in the next World Cup. Otherwise, such game would remain a dull appendix to the joyous festival of football.

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