Attack at Charlie Hebdo – Revenge for Grozny?

The terrorist act against French journalists and policemen is an atrocity of epic proportions. We strongly condemn such inexcusable bloodshed. True, the journalists sometimes behaved irresponsibly, showing bad sense of humor. However, murdering them was a very inadequate way of action. Now, investigators must track down those responsible to find out, who was behind this crime. Let me offer my opinion on possible perpetrators. First, the attack has diverted the focus of international attention from the Russian aggression against the Ukraine. Distant clashes in the Donbass region are hardly more important than the terrorist rampage in the cultural capital of the world. Moreover, Russian atrocities in the Ukraine might be temporarily forgotten after the inhumane brutality of Paris extremists. Moscow desperately needs to persuade USA and the EU to lift sanctions, imposed on Russia. Of course, I don’t think that some officers of the Muscovite embassy in France have committed the attack. Nevertheless, there is a strong possibility that they are puppeteers, who direct the executors.

Aftermath of an armed violence in Grozny.

More than one month ago, on December 4, 2014, a troubled city of Grozny in the Russian province of Chechnya came under attack. Chechen rebels bravely took on collaborationist police forces. The main skirmish had occurred at the 10-storey House of Publishing, which was subsequently severely damaged. According to Russian estimates, ten police officers and nine rebels were killed, dozens more wounded. It is an open secret that Western governments unofficially support Chechen rebels. That is why, one may naturally think that infuriated Russian spymasters could have ordered their agents in Europe to carry out the similar attack against Western media. For a long time, radical Islamists have been reliable partners of the Soviet KGB, then the FSB of Russia. Many Arab, Chechen, or Turkish men have married Russian women. Such relations are also conducive to mutually beneficial cooperation between Muslim fanatics and Russian intelligence community, which closely monitors marital bonds between their citizens and foreigners. Chechen collaborationists receive lovely allowance from their Kremlin masters. It’s Showtime! Muslim extremists have to work off Russian generosity.

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