Botched Helicopter Escapes

Attempts to flee from persecutors for a long time have been a thrilling element of action movies. Various means have been contrived by film directors to entertainingly display fugitives on the run. One of the most impressive ways to run away is a helicopter escape. When one tries to be free from both his enemies and the force of gravity, it involuntarily fills our hearts with compassion for him. Let’s examine some examples of such amazing escapes.

French action thriller Le ProfessionelThe Professional», directed by Georges Lautner, produced by Cerito Films and Films Ariane, 1981) has the unhappy end, when its protagonist, the secret agent Josselin Beaumont, has been shot dead while on his way to fly away on the helicopter. Fantasy action masterpiece Batman (directed by Tim Burton, produced by Warner Bros., A Guber-Peters Company Production and PolyGram Pictures, 1989) has the equally unhappy end, when Joker, an evil character, has died tragically while attempting a helicopter escape. Finally, the action drama of global proportions, Air Force One (directed by Wolfgang Petersen, produced by Columbia Pictures, Beacon Pictures and Radiant, 1997), has a Soviet-style General Alexander Radek, who has had the doomed effort to board the helicopter in order to break loose from prison.

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