Brutally Violated Animal Rights

Yes, beasts are inferior to humans. However, even animals do have certain rights. We must not treat them cruelly. From time to time, movies and documentaries call for compassion towards brutes. Occasionally, they carry out this agenda through the graphic display of violence against animals. Therefore, audience would feel sorry for poor beasts. Let us examine several examples of horrible scenes.

Nazi documentary classic, Der ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew, directed by Fritz Hippler, produced by Terra, 1940), features merciless Hebrew butchers, who have cold-bloodedly put the cattle to death. Investigative documentary, Roger & Me (directed by Michael Moore, produced by Dog Eat Dog Films and Warner Bros., 1989), demonstrates a woman, who has routinely stunned and cut a rabbit. Soviet detective mini-series, On the Dark Side of the Moon («На тёмной стороне луны», directed by Zinoviy Royzman, produced by Uzbekfilm Studios, 1990), vividly shows chicken, slaughtered near a café.

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