Different Responses to the Similar Threats

Recently, missile tests, conducted by North Korea, have once again sparked an international outrage. Personally, I support such defense measures, carried out by the country. Because, frankly speaking, we need new strong players in order to undermine the hegemony of the USA and, to a lesser extent, that of Russia and China. But, I have to admit that many people around the world are sincerely indignant, when it comes to this topic. They hate such military activities, pursued by Pyongyang. However, the majority of these pacifists are either ignorant or tacitly supportive of dangerous missile tests, conducted by Russia.

A bear-like map of Russia.

Moreover, these tests in many occasions have been directed at a foreign country. Namely, aggressive Muscovites have routinely test-fired different kinds of missiles from the Russian territory to hit targets on the Kazakh soil. For example, on March 18, 2015, the Russians test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile RS-26, which hit an impact range at Sary Shagan, Central Kazakhstan. On September 18, 2017, they test-fired a short-range ballistic missile from the 9K720 Iskander mobile system, which hit a designated target at the Makat testing range, North-West Kazakhstan. These are just a few instances of the Russian-Kazakh “partnership“, where obedient collaborationists in Astana perform menial tasks in favor of the big brother at Kremlin.

Little Rocket Man‘, i.e. Kim Jong Un — the leader of North Korea, is in possession of just several long-range missiles, capable to deliver nuclear warheads. He has ordered a couple of missile tests, which send projectiles over the territory of Japan or in the vicinity of South Korean borders. The relatively harmless flexing of his muscles has produced a global outcry. But, when the imperialist Russia, possessing hundreds of long-range missiles, have repeatedly hit the Kazakh soil, the world is silent as a rule. Of course, impressive bribery capabilities and media clout of Muscovites easily eclipse pathetic PR resources of ‘Little Rocket Man‘. Therefore, global media outlets usually pass over the Russian missile tests in silence. They smugly forget that Russian missiles, which hit Kazakhstan today as military exercises, might be fired tomorrow against Berlin and London, New York and Toronto.

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