Evil Christmas Events

The general audience worldwide has been accustomed to peaceful scenes, associated with the main Christian holiday. Innumerous books, movies, TV-broadcasts, and other forms of creative activities have strengthened this stereotype still further. However, there has been growing evidence against this seemingly innocuous stereotype. It was especially felt at the end of 1980-the beginning of 1990.

Nicolae Ceaușescu (1918-1989), an atheist leader of Romania since 1965, was assassinated along with his wife, Elena, by a rioting mob on December 25, 1989. One of his «crimes» was the persecution of a separatist Hungarian priest. Even the most outrageous criminals must have a chance to defend themselves in the court of law, let alone the legitimate leader of the country. But, religious mobsters have no law, only bigotry. Thus, they symbolically linked the assassinaton of their atheist opponent with their main holiday.

A street photo of Gorby vandalized: "Bitch. Faggot". Berlin, 2011.
A street photo of Gorby vandalized: «Bitch. Faggot». Berlin, 2011.

Two years passed. Mikhail Gorbachev (1931-2022), a turncoat leader of the Soviet Union since 1985, resigned as its president on December 25, 1991. Thus, he effectively gave way to the dissolution of the greatest atheist country ever. Once again, local collaborationists chose the highly symbolical date in order to please their religious masters abroad. The dissolution of the country resulted in the rivers of blood, shed in religious wars in Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Nagorno-Karabakh, etc.

Finally, a Muslim freestyle wrestler along with his sons was brutally beaten by a group of mainly Christian Russian officers on the day of Mr. Gorbachev’s resignation. Kazakh dissident Karishal Assan Ata (1933-2015) wrote on page 310 of his book, Phantom of Independence, 1997, about this attack: «On the evening of December 25, 1991 «Alpha» commando team (by the way, «Alpha» captured not only the Amin’s Palace in Kabul, but under the leadership of General Philip Bobkov they crushed down the demonstration of Kazakh youth, which was allegedly headed by its «desperate leader» Nursultan Nazarbayev, who miraculously escaped the fate of its 172 dead), in the amount of president Nazarbayev’s 20 bodyguards, forced an entrance to the apartment of a famous Kazakh master of sports, winner of many international competitions, Abilseyit Aikhanov, beaten him and his two sons (the younger is a minor) to the loss of consciousness, handcuffed them, and without the sanction of the prosecutor delivered them to the Alma-Ata Department of Internal Affairs. The most mysterious thing here is that father with the youngest son was soon released home. And three days later,  the elder son was released. Glaring lawlessness, for which both the «law enforcement officers» of the capital of Kazakhstan and the «commando team» of president Nazarbayev’s inner circle did not even apologize! A day later, A. Aikhanov turned to president Nazarbayev with a telegram, demanding bring to justice the initiators and perpetrators of lawlessness, who cynically trampled elementary human rights. His appeal is still unrequited. So what can be discussed about human rights in Kazakhstan at all? (The Aikhanov spouses told about everything, what happened in their house at a meeting of Almaty City branch of the «Azat» society, 8.01.1992) …»

Abilseyit Aikhanov, right, and his coach Pyotr Matuschak, 1963.
Abilseyit Aikhanov, right, and his coach Pyotr Matuschak, 1963.

This excerpt in the Russian original: «Вечером 25 декабря 1991 года «группа захвата» «Альфа» (кстати, «Альфой» была взята не только резиденция Амина в Кабуле, но под руководством генерала Филиппа Бобкова была разгромлена демонстрация казахской молодежи, которую якобы возглавлял её «отчаянный лидер» Нурслутан Назарбаев, чудом избежавший участи 172 погибших), в количестве 20 человек, охраняющих президента Назарбаева, разбойно ворвалась в квартиру известного казахского мастера спорта, победителя на многих международных соревнованиях Аблсейта Айханова, избила до потери сознания его самого и двух его сыновей (младший несовершеннолетний), а затем в наручниках, без санкции прокурора доставила их в Алмаатинское УВД. Самое загадочное здесь то, что отца с младшим сыном вскоре отпустили домой. А через три дня освободили из-под стражи старшего-сына. Вопиющее беззаконие, за которое даже не извинились ни «блюстители порядка» столицы Казахстана, ни «группа захвата» из окружения президента Назарбаева! Через день А. Айханов обратился к президенту Назарбаеву с телеграммой, требуя разобраться с инициаторами и исполнителями беззакония, которые цинично растаптывали элементарные права человека. Его обращение до сих пор остается безответным. Так о каких правах человека в Казахстане может идти речь вообще? (Обо всем случившимся в их доме супруги Айхановы рассказали на собрании Алмаатинского городского отделения общества «Азат» 8.01.1992 г.)…»

By the way, the heavyweight champion of the USSR, 1963, won such prominent athletes, as three-times Olympic champion Aleksandr Medved and Olympic champion Aleksandr Ivanitsky. But, even this strong wrestler and his two sons were overpowered by the «Alpha» commando team during Christian celebrations.

Well, my readers have just learned something new about the old Christmas.

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