Never Ending Game of Corruption

Several days ago, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics kicked off. This major event has already become notorious as a flagrant violation of human rights, forbidding foreign fans to attend its venues and restricting athletes like animals under control. Even the Berlin 1936 Olympics, hosted by the Nazis, were quite hospitable towards foreign guests and athletes alike. Even the Moscow 1980 Olympics, hosted by the Communists, cordially received visitors from distant lands and sportsmen as well. Nowadays, the global concentration camp, led by ruthless capitalists, doesn’t permit such sentimental things as friendship and kindness.

But, the Rio 2016 Olympics were also notorious for highly controversial decisions, made by enterprising judges. For instance, on August 15, 2016 a Kazakh heavyweight boxer Vassily Levit was actually robbed of his gold medal, which was awarded to a Russian pugilist, who was outclassed by the Kazakh.

The International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach, in the center, watches the final boxing bout in the 91 kg. weight category at the Rio 2016 Olympics, August 15, 2016.

And this travesty of boxing took place before the very eyes of Dr. Thomas Bach — the president of the International Olympic Committee — who was among the crowd at the venue. But, in contrast to the vast majority of dissatisfied spectators, he maintained an Olympian composure. Thus, his Russian friends were granted with a prestigious victory in one of the most exciting Olympic competitions.

Dr. Thomas Bach, in the center, points his finger at someone after the final boxing bout in the 91 kg. weight category at the Rio 2016 Olympics, August 15, 2016.

Two years ago, Dr. Bach also benevolently oversaw a Russian athlete snatching the gold medal away from an Uzbek wrestler, who won the Beijing 2008 Olympics in the heavyweight division of wrestling freestyle. Uzbekistan was deprived of this long-standing victory under the pretext of doping. Thus, the German Russophile made his best to bring gold to “Mother Russia” once again by clandestine schemes, not fair play. One may reasonably doubt my suggestions about the Russophilia of Dr. Bach, because the Russian Olympic Team was technically barred from participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as a retaliation for their state-sponsored doping program. But, while IOC prohibit the Russian flag and the national anthem, Russian athletes are provided with excellent conditions! Under the strict supervision of Dr. Bach, judges and referees have made decisions, generally favorable for representatives of Russia.

The situation with soccer in the Old World is quite disreputable too.  UEFA – the Union of European Football Associations — has been led by a dubious Slovenian lawyer and football administrator Aleksander Čeferin since September 14, 2016. Among other things, Mr. Čeferin’s election as UEFA president was endorsed by Melania Trump — an influential US public figure of the Slovenian ethnic origin. Of course, his tenure as the head of the European football has already been marked by numerous scandals. For example, the highly controversial penalty kick in the England-Denmark match or the injust red card in the Netherlands-Czech Republic match outraged sports fans around the world during the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship. Thus, the Slovenian Anglophile exerted behind-the-scenes influence to pave the way for “Merrie Olde Englande” to the UEFA Euro 2020 Final. Luckily, prowess of Italian footballers put an end to sophisticated schemes of the Slovenian Anglophile.

IOC and UEFA top managers seem to be immune from criminal prosecution for their long-standing bribery schemes. From time to time, we have heard about former presidents of France or South Korea, officially accused for their corruption crimes. But, international sports executives  are apparently above the law.

There is also a marked racial and gender discrimination in international sports. For nearly forty years, there has been an unwritten law, prohibiting a coloured person to head IOC and disallowing a white person to lead AIBA (International Boxing Association). Also, no females of any background have had a chance to preside over IOC or AIBA. Instead of introducing real equality of races and sexes, top managers of global athletic organizations promote an ugly, unnatural agenda like a transgender weightlifter and men’s rhythmic gymnastics. Although some decisions of international sports bodies have routinely caused worldwide audience to resolutely disagree with them, these top managers pay little attention to public opinion. As IOC spokesman Mark Adams said unequivocally on May 12, 2021: “We listen, but won’t be guided by public opinion“.

Moreover, greedy athletic executives regard global sports festivities as their real property. For instance, in many cases even several seconds of mediocre-quality footage from IOC or UEFA tournaments cannot be freely uploaded to Internet by an obscure blogger or independent researcher. Imagine someone, who prohibits even a short quotation from his speech! Thus, corrupted sports officials routinely curb research and educational activists, who study global tournaments.

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