No Major Change Ahead

It seems that newly elected leaders of the United States have been well-prepared to assume their office. Their opinions, concerning various walks of life, have been discussed internationally. Let me add some thoughts of mine, as for the possible attitude of the new administration of the USA towards Kazakhstan.

A screenshot of Jessica Amgwerd's Facebook page.

A lawyer Jessica Amgwerd was deputy attorney general of California, when this office was held by vice-president elect of the United States Kamala Harris. I happened to personally know Ms. Amgwerd, who is a descendant of the German-speaking Swiss people. So, at the beginning of the 2010s the legal body, traditionally led by men, was literally occupied by women of diverse racial background. The American Dream in action, eh? Not really. The colored attorney general actually regarded benevolently some cases of police violence, which predominantly has targeted racial minorities. As Encyclopædia Britannica puts it, “she had failed to investigate charges of police misconduct, including questionable shootings“. And Ms. Harris’ endorsement of homosexual marriages in California also runs contrary to the basic attitude of colored folks, who traditionally condemn homosexualism.

This is bad news for the Kazakhs. Our compatriot Kirill Denyakin was brutally killed by a wanton US policeman Stephen D. Rankin, who didn’t face any charges whatsoever in connection with this outrageous crime. Only after Mr. Rankin had cold-bloodedly killed a local Negro William Chapman II under the similar conditions, he was finally punished by US authorities. And justice not for all… So, the Kazakhs may legitimately be alarmed that the vice-president elect might continue encouraging such atrocities.

The above photo is also quite instructive. Ms. Amgwerd erroneously indicated me, as a person from Uzbekistan. Well, as a matter of fact, I am from Kazakhstan. I have never been to Uzbekistan. Such ignorance is a commonplace among Yankees. For instance, they have routinely lumped together unsimilar countries, like Afghanistan and Kazakhstan, under an umbrella term of “Central Asia“.  Well, a Russified drunkard in a Northern Kazakhstan’s industrial town looks a little bit different from an Afghan or Tajik opium-growing peasant, who diligently prays five times a day. However, both academic and political establishment of the West have stubbornly maintained for decades their wrong geographical, economical, and cultural concepts, concerning vast expanses of Eurasia. I highly doubt that the newly elected US administration will correct this old misconception.

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