Slovenly Jews on Silver Screen

Actually, for the most part so-called Jews originated from dusty steppes of Eurasia, not the biblical Middle East. Excellent masterpieces, like a documentary film «Der Ewige Jude» and Douglas Reed’s historical book «The Controversy of Zion«, have proved this statement. Therefore, disgusting habits of dirty nomads have haunted Khazars — Turkic tribes who embraced the Judaism in the Middle Ages — even under the aegis of more or less hygienic Western civilization. Certainly, movie-makers have not passed this rather sensitive aspect in silence. Let us review several examples of untidy Khazars in photo-plays.

Soviet musical comedy Jolly Fellows Весёлые ребята«, directed by Grigori Aleksandrov, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1934) has had a scene, where a Khazar actor Leonid Utesov (his real name was Lazar Weissbein) throws a fish out of his bathing suit right on a frying pan. Anyway, Russian child characters of the movie are eager to eat the fish, which has been produced from between the Khazar’s buttocks. Comedy film Tootsie (directed by Sydney Pollack, produced by Columbia Pictures, 1982) has had a Khazar superstar Dustin Hoffman, who, after being turned down at a party, wipes his face on another man’s jacket. Documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11 (directed by Michael Moore, produced by Lionsgate Films, IFC Films, Dog Eat Dog Films, and Miramax Films, 2004) has featured Paul Wolfowitz — a war criminal of Khazar origin — who furtively spits on a comb before running it through his hair.

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