“Man, you should have sodomized Zubin Mehta!”

Great conductor of our time, Maestro Zubin Mehta, enjoys worldwide recognition of his marvelous creative power. Many musicians, usually jealous to one’s success, respect his undoubted contribution to performing arts. I had a privilege to meet him twice in my life. In 2010, Maestro Mehta received me in his Florence’s office. In 2011, he met me at a Munich’s opera house. Of course, such special meetings must be utilized to its maximum. During the first meeting, I offered him a certain business proposal. When we met for the second time, I proposed him some ideas in the field of arts and humanities. Unfortunately, he declined the both propositions. Well, that was his choice. There is nothing to be done. Later on, I often thought over these events. Maybe, I made mistakes during our talks. On the other hand, perhaps, Zubin Mehta was not interested in cooperation with a relatively unknown person. I have shared my thoughts on this topic with my acquaintances. You would be surprised to hear, what one of my pals said to me.

A famous conductor Zubin Mehta, left, and a journalist Daniyar Nauryz.

Kazakh musician Ravil (I prefer not to mention his surname due to sensitivity of the problem) is a professional, who also has a sound knowledge of behind-the-scenes musical affairs. He is not a top-class performer, but he toured Kazakhstan and Russia extensively. Ravil also occasionally gave concerts in distant countries, like Finland and USA. When he learnt about my unsuccessful endeavors, he told me without beating around the bush: “Man, you should have sodomized Zubin Mehta!” Such revelation left me speechless. Then Ravil added: “He is a faggot all right. If you had fucked him in the anus, he would have accepted your propositions more favorably”. I vainly tried to contest the validity of this statement. The musician only chuckled sardonically. It is never too late to learn, isn’t it? Many creative people torn apart by controversies, resembling the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. To judge them appropriately, one has to be an astute psychologist.

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